Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services

HRS GROUP BD. is one of the most competent security service providers in Dhaka Bangladesh. This company started its operation with the endorsement of the Government of People Republic of Bangladesh. It provides wide-ranging security and logistic service solutions to the growing security needs of the country. HRS GROUP BD offers varied security solutions and service packages based on real time need assessment to ensure client satisfaction.


There are over 800 security companies operating in Bangladesh. Among them HRS GROUP BD. has opened a new dimension in the arena of safety and security. HRS GROUP BD. is broadly known and has become a reputed brand name in the security sector of Bangladesh. The field management of this company is well furnished with sufficient staffs having outstanding experience on ground.

Security is the basic and integral need of any industry and the laxity to achieve it into sense can lead to disasters. There exists a rapturous optimism among ourselves that dangers and emergencies are just meant for our neighbors and not for us. We deliberately just like to forget the truth that untoward incidents can strike anywhere without giving any prior notice. We are forgetting the facts that a stitch in time can save nine and a pro-active security agency with proven track record can seal off possible threats

We can act as a custodian in your emergencies thus by systematically safe guard your assets and lives. Armed with requisite Govt. reorganization, Modern methodology and latest gadgets we are all set to give peace of mind to all of our security conscious customers by serving them with dedication and integrity.


Range of Security Services…

  • Security Guards
  • Supervisors, Body Guards & Escorts
  • Armed Guards
  • Remote Area Operations
  • Female Security personnel
  • Security Training
  • Background Screening
  • Crisis Management & Risk Assessment
  • ATM Management Services
  • Event Security Management
  • Traffic Controlling
  • Sea/River Escorts
  • Communication Tower Security
  • Due Diligence & Compliance Monitoring
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Fire-fighting
  • Security Survey
  • Relief Operation


Service Area…

  • Industries/ Factories
  • Financial Institutions/ Banks
  • Corporate Offices
  • Multinational Companies
  • Foreign Embassy
  • Mega shops/ Retail stores
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Residences
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